Wonder. Ask. Live. Know.

W= Wonder
When I first tell people I am a life coach, they tend to question how it works and how it would or could help them. This is wondering.

The process of coaching in a nutshell: It is an ask question, answer question process.

We aim to live what we talk about—to take the tools we discuss in a session and use them in daily life, to incorporate the visions and goals that change into habit or routine.

K= Know
This refers to the knowledge that you leave with when our time together is up and by sharing what you've learned and accomplished with others.

The W.A.L.K. method of life coaching is based on the ideas above, but also involves a literal translation: When you combine the basic activity of walking with coaching, your mind clears and opens up. Go Easy Life Coaching believes that movement and coaching go hand-in-hand to benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Walking is something that comes naturally to us; it is the simplest form of exercise and yet is often enough to increase endorphins, improve your mental state, and invigorate your brain. It all begins with the idea that exercise makes you feel good.

Go Easy Life Coaching includes sessions where we walk for an hour while working through goals. A lot of my clients enjoy these "walking sessions" because they find that ideas and visions flow with each step. They have a-ha! moments that occur through vigorous walking, creating excitement and continuity in their thought process. Additionally, the nervousness of face-to-face work disappears when you are not looking your coach in the eye as he or she anticipates answers or reactions. It's what I like to call an "organic experience."