About Me

I was born an East Coast girl and moved out to Colorado after discovering the world of snowboarding and healthy mountain life. I love to exercise and feel best when I am doing so. As a life coach, I encourage exercise of the body, mind, and spirit.

Life coaching has changed my life, and I anticipate that it will change yours as well. My goal is to guide you from your current patterns into healthier ones. By acting as a sounding board and listening for cues, I will work with you on making a difference in your future—the future you can see within your sights but cannot seem to reach. By the end of multiple sessions, you should be closer to the goals you’ve set, or have successfully reached these goals and moved on to new ones. It is a process, which I will guide you through while lending support.

Education and Work Experience

At Northeastern University in Boston, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Radio and Television Communications, but I was equally educated on the area’s nightclub and bar circuit, where I worked my way through school. I became the first female manager at the Lyons Group, a company that owned and operated 18+ bars, clubs, and restaurants in Boston; eventually I was promoted to general manager at Mama Kin, a large nightclub co-owned by Aerosmith. These jobs brought together my love of music with my strong ability to manage and work with people. My time in Boston was incredible but came to a quiet end amid rumors that Aerosmith was backing out of the business, so I made my way to New York City to try something new.

I spent two years as an event manager at PAPER Magazine, a fashion and pop culture magazine, and then moved on to more management positions throughout Manhattan. I did some traveling and self-discovery and wound up learning snowboarding on the weekends on a mountain not far from the city. I quickly fell in love with the sport and knew I had to do it more often than once a week.

In 2004, I packed up my Brooklyn apartment and moved to Colorado, where, between runs on the mountains and my new favorite activies of snowshoeing, hiking, and biking—I continue to work in the restaurant/bar industry. To this day, I enjoy the social aspect of restaurant work, and love that I meet all sorts of people on a daily basis.

I am also the voice of the Eagle Radio Station, KTUN—weeknights from 7pm to midnight, and weekend mornings from 6am to noon. As if two demanding jobs weren’t enough, I also went back to school and became a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Academy, which is an “at your own pace” program structured for working people.

Life coaching has truly changed my life. It allows me to learn about and help others while simultaneously uncovering things about myself. For me, it is the greatest gift and lesson in life, as it allows me to be open and generous to my clients' thoughts, needs, and desires, and to help them on their own path to self-awareness and discovery.

I currently live in Avon, Colorado, and am taking on clients daily.